Ditch your extreme diets, detoxes, long hours at the gym, and still look and feel your best. I promise this isn’t too good to be true! Want to learn more?

Healthy by Stephanie

I’m confident that in working together we can find the groove that’s right for YOUR bio-individual health. A customized plan for your health goals is key whether you’re seeking guidance with nutrition, fitness, or both!

What’s in it for You?

My coaching practice is centered around female health, although fellas, you are welcome too! We work to treat the root causes of your hormone imbalances, bloat, energy crashes, interrupted sleep, and more.


Stephanie has such an empathetic and kind way of coaching her clients.  She took great care to really learn what I had already tried in the past to reach my goals, and understand why it didn’t end up working.  We then collaborated on a path that required very small minute and incremental changes, both in habit and lifestyle choices that ultimately came together to bring about my success.  We had weekly touch base meetings to speak on what was going well, what maybe wasn’t clicking as easily, and Stephanie always had great suggestions on tiny “experiments” to try.  I really appreciated her ability to work with me rather than just dictating to me what to do- like so many coaches and nutritionists in the wellness industry do.  It felt like a very personalized and stress free experience, and I can’t recommend her enough!

– Cathy P.

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